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Latest news

  • Latest news
    Pablo embarks on a tour through Florida
    Pablo Sáinz Villegas tours through the sunny state taking his fans and audiences one step further in a musical journey through the Americas. For the very first time Pablo featured his favorite pieces from the American continent accompanied on stage by the highly talented musicians Pedro Giraudo on bass and Nacho Arimany on percussion.
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    An Evening of Masterly Art, Food & Music at Sotheby’s New York
    Widely admired as “the soul of the Spanish guitar,” Pablo Sáinz Villegas played to a rapt audience at a reception and dinner hosted by Sotheby’s George Wachter and Christopher Apostle at the New York galleries.
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    Pablo featured in Mexico’s Caras Magazine
    Renown Mexican Caras magazine invited Pablo to the Peninsula Hotel in New York City for a photo-shoot and interview to speak about his life as an artist, his inspirations and his upcoming visit to Mexico.
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Upcoming concerts

  1. Frankfurt
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Utrecht
  4. Köln

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Celebremos hoy y siempre las relaciones entre México y España. twitter.com/leonardocurzio…

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  • Pablo & Plácido perform at sold-out stadium concert+ Expand
    Pablo Sáinz Villegas was honored to be invited to perform on stage for 75,000 people at the historic tribute concert, “Plácido en el Alma”, for the great Plácido Domingo at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid on June 29, 2016.
  • Concierto de Aranjuez – II. Adagio+ Expand
    Live performance from Madrid with Radio and Television Orchestra of Spain under the baton of conductor Carlos Kalmar at Teatro Monumental. April 2015.


“Virtuosic playing… characterized by its vividly shaded colors and irresistible exuberance…”

The New York Times

“Pablo Sáinz Villegas put a warm, beautifully rounded guitar tone at the service of the music.”

The New York Times

“The audience was spellbound, and when the final chord was played it erupted into enthusiastic applause.”

Las Vegas Journal

An “exceptional and gifted performer.”

Revista Classical Guitar

“The beauty of the execution, the musical rigour and the elegance of this young guitarist’s phrasing are those of the chosen few.”

ABC, Spain

“Now I see it clearly. It is obvious, definitive: Pablo Sáinz Villegas is a seducer, a damn seducer!”

La Rioja, Spain

“You’ve probably never heard a guitarist like this. He’s the most exciting classical guitarist of his generation.”

Press Release, Montana

“Villegas made an evening to be remembered.”

San Francisco Classical Voice, San Francisco

“An astonishing talent took the stage.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal

“The music was delightful and well-played by three crack musicians.”

Washington Post

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The Music Without Borders Legacy

When Pablo is not performing in concert venues, he plays for children around the world, hoping to inspire them through art and music. He is the founder of the Music Without Borders Legacy, a program that has currently brought music to more than 15,000 kids in Spain, Mexico and the United States.