Featured in AFAR magazine

The renowned travel and lifestyle magazine asked Pablo to be an exclusive insiders guide in sharing his favorite things to do in his home region of La Rioja in the north of Spain.

“La Rioja is more than a wine region. Villegas’s sound is inspired by the music of Spain’s La Rioja region, where the Manhattan resident grew up and returns yearly.”

Don’t miss reading this “Wanderer Musician” interview by Mario Mercado to see Pablo’s suggestions for your next trip to the beautiful wine region including a visit to Vivanco, the world’s best Museum of Wine Culture, where he is Cultural Ambassador.

“The grape-growing parts of La Rioja yield 11 varieties, including tempranillo. A standout winery is Vivanco, where I once performed in a hall surrounded by giant fermenting barrels. Make sure to try the Reserva and tour the museum, which documents 8,000 years of winemaking around the world.”

Click here to view a pdf copy of the feature. 

Click here to read AFAR’s article online. 


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