5 life lessons I learned from Plácido Domingo

Time spent with Plácido Domingo is a true inspiration. It makes me very happy to share with you some of the things I’ve learned from him through our time shared together.

1. Being with loved ones brings happiness

As his exciting and intense agenda takes him around the world, Plácido makes sure to travel and surround himself with his loving family and spend quality time with them. It makes me realize how much being among loved ones brings peace and joy to everything we do. Sharing wonderful moments with loved ones make them even better.

2. Put on a smile

His perpetual smile is one of the ways in which Plácido shares his energy and inspires the best in anyone that is in the same room as him. Smiles are a gift of generosity. This is as simple and powerful to put into action. It works, give it a try.

3. Boundless energy comes from being passionate about what you do

A look into Plácido’s calendar throughout his life career is instantly inspiring. Spending simply a day with him and his boundless energy is evident and admirable. And so I asked him one afternoon in New York.

Pablo: — Querido Plácido, What is your secret to your inexhaustible energy?

Plácido: — Pablo, I never feel like I am working since I love and I am passionate about everything I do.

4. Simply do and give your best

I was surprised to learn that even Plácido Domingo is sometimes faced with unexpected challenges behind the scenes. Whether mics are not working, or a score is lost, or a cue is missed… Plácido gives his best. He wisely said to me once backstage:

“Pablo, give yourself to the audience even in your mistakes, because we are all humans.”

On stage as in life, choosing to give our best is literally the best we can do.

5. Dream big at any age

At 76 years old Pácido is incessantly broadening his career goals, whether it is learning new scores, embodying a new opera character, premiering a new work or beginning a new project. At any age, at any stage in life and career, let’s follow his inspiration and continue to dream big and be excited to build and create new horizons. Let’s change the world.

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