Stuttgart: home to the art of engineering

During five years studying and living in Germany, I was fortunate to learn deeply about its history and culture. One of the hallmarks of German culture is how much they value their traditions, which they respect and on which they constantly innovate. A sample of this is the city of Stuttgart which is historically linked to horses. The city is home to two of the companies that have contributed enormously to the development of the motor world: Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

For car lovers (and even if you are not), I recommend visiting the museums that both companies have created to share the evolution in automobile history.

Located at Mercedesstraße #100, is the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The building of 16,500 square meters is distributed in various floors and its design honors the emblem of the brand. It features 160 impressive cars and more than 1,500 iconic objects. Racing cars, trucks, prototypes, engines … technology with a vision of the future.

At Porscheplatz #1 is the Porsche Museum. The metal and glass building designed by the Meissl studio does not go unnoticed by those who love architecture. In the 5,600 square meters of its interior you can enjoy almost a hundred masterpieces of engineering and design: from classic cars to true avant-garde creations. In addition, you can see old pieces of great value linked to the world of engineering and curiosities that deepen the process of manufacturing a car.


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