Herbert Blomstedt, a fun and young 90 year old

The conductor Herbert Blomstedt communicates to the musicians of the orchestras he directs in different parts of the world and to the audience that attends his concerts a wonderful lesson: youth is a mental state rather than a body condition that allows you to continue doing things with passion.
Every time he goes on stage, he smiles and moves like an athletic young man who feels the energy and transforming the power of music. The Berliner Philharmoniker wanted to celebrate with a beautiful video of his 90th birthday that here I share with you.
His vitality, sense of humor, sympathy and humanistic vision is a true inspiration.
Maestro Blomstedt!
An interview extract for the commemoration of his 90 years.
Herbert Blomstedt, this is the concert with which in 2017 he commemorated his 90th birthday
Thanks to my friend Luis F. Rodríguez Imaz for sharing music and inspiring stories.