Photo credit: Kike Barona

The orchestra: a book to understand it in a fun way

Why do orchestras need a director? Why are the instruments always in the same place on the stage? What are instrument families? What does the director do in an orchestra?
I know that it is common for your children to ask questions and questions with great ease and quickly. It is one of the wonders of childhood, a stage in which curiosity and sensitivity favor learning.
A few weeks ago I found a book that I liked a lot because it helps to clear up doubts and understand, in a simple, visual and funny way (to children and adults), the composition and functioning of a classical music orchestra. In addition to very brief and clear explanatory texts that facilitate their understanding, the pages have beautiful illustrations in full color that reinforce each idea.
That’s not all. The pages of The Orchestra, from the Sound Books collection of the Usborne label, have a “magic” button that, when pressed, makes it possible to clearly hear the sound of the instruments that are being explained. As the book progresses, you can discover how they all sound. And with a QR code that is scanned with your mobile or tablet, you can access a complete piece through the Internet, in which you can see the role of each instrument and how the set sounds.
I believe that books are a useful gift, of great value for children and that can be enjoyed with family and friends. When they allow the interaction and the use of other senses, like this case, they are much more attractive and didactic. After this book, I can only invite you to enjoy a family concert. So….Music Maestro!
You can buy this book in your nearest bookstore or buy it online, for example, here