Sáinz Villegas continuously searches for ways to communicate with young audiences and to inspire them with music. Over the last decade, he has created projects that bring music beyond the performance halls, reaching more than 15,000 children and youth through volunteering his time, establishing music programs, visiting schools and creating unique community activities around the globe. His efforts have granted him invitations to play for both the Dalai Lama and the Spanish Royal Family.

Sáinz Villegas believes that music plays an essential role in understanding our humanity:
“I think all art forms have a healing quality that soothes our sensitivities and speaks to our heart. It is very organic; it is food for the soul. Music is the most irrational art form and the most mysterious, so it belongs to the things on earth that we know exist but can’t be touched. That’s why it is so precious.”

“Using music as a universal language of emotions, Pablo deeply connects to the kids bringing them excitement, inspiration and hope, promoting at the same time values as social responsibility, multiculturality and tolerance.”
– Richard Kiy, President and CEO International Community Foundation